Transmission end

Tele-snap of the coffin being carried off the barge

Independent Television’s transmission ended with these words written by Joseph Hall in the 17th century….

‘His power is limited by his will; and he holds it the noblest revenge, that he might hurt and doth not. He commands, without tyranny and imperiousness; obeys, without servility: and changes not his mind with his estate. The height of his spirits overlooks all casualties; and his boldness proceeds neither from ignorance nor senselessness: but, first, he values evils and despises them. He is so balanced with wisdom, that he floats steadily in the midst of all tempests. Deliberate in his purposes; firm in resolution; bold in enterprising; unwearied in achieving; and, howsoever, happy in success; and, if ever he be overcome, his heart yields last – The Valiant Man.’