The Valiant Man

Sir Winston Churchill

The Valiant Man

The State Funeral
Sir Winston S. Churchill, k.g., o.m., c.h.

On Saturday, January 30, 1965, at 08.30, Independent Television
went on the air to cover the State Funeral of Sir Winston
Churchill. For the next five hours, the Independent Television
companies combined to mount the biggest programme yet of its
kind in this country. The aim of the programme was not simply
to produce a giant outside broadcast but to add the highlights of
Churchill’s life and 
achievements to the event. The aim of this
booklet is to recapture the flavour of that programme and to
commemorate a valiant man.

Published by the Independent Television Companies

And so the day that had to come has come

These words were used to introduce the I.T.V. programme and on the following pages are the words of Winston Churchill that were broadcast during the funeral procession.

‘And so the day that had to come has come. We begin it now. This is the day of Winston Churchill’s funeral, a notable and memorable morning in the chronicle of our country. It is a strange thing to say, at the opening of a new day, that we must liken it to the setting of the sun. That is to say something that has much of sadness and everything of inevitability, yet, like the setting of the sun, can resound with dramatic glory… It is not a day of sorrow, though London is heavy with mourning. We begin a day of salutation… a day in which his own words shall make his own memorial.’

Transmission end

Independent Television’s transmission ended with these words written by Joseph Hall in the 17th century….

‘His power is limited by his will; and he holds it the noblest revenge, that he might hurt and doth not. He commands, without tyranny and imperiousness; obeys, without servility: and changes not his mind with his estate. The height of his spirits overlooks all casualties; and his boldness proceeds neither from ignorance nor senselessness: but, first, he values evils and despises them. He is so balanced with wisdom, that he floats steadily in the midst of all tempests. Deliberate in his purposes; firm in resolution; bold in enterprising; unwearied in achieving; and, howsoever, happy in success; and, if ever he be overcome, his heart yields last – The Valiant Man.’

Independent Television

The full resources of the Independent Television companies were mobilised and hundreds of the staff were relieved of normal duties to prepare the transmission and take part in it. Meanwhile other members were called upon to absorb the duties of those working on the funeral so that normal services were continued.



Executive Producer

Brian Connell

Sir Laurence Olivier
Paul Scofield
Joseph C. Harsch

Ray Dicks


Senior director


Senior outside broadcast engineer


Peter Morley

Graham Watts

Basil Bultitude

Roger Appleton

Robert Everett

ITV units which took part

ABC Television
ABC Television
Anglia Television
Anglia Television
Associated TeleVision
Associated TeleVision
Granada TV Network
Granada TV Network
Rediffusion Television
Rediffusion Television
Scottish Television
Scottish Television
Southern Television
Southern Television
Tyne Tees Television
Tyne Tees Television
Independent Television Companies Association





‘Almighty Father, we thank Thee for the gift to the world of Winston Churchill and for all that he did for our country and many others.’ – Dr. Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury.